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       VSAT technology is currently a real alternative for businesses telecommunication. The concept of VSAT network covers a very wide reality, both in terms of technical and applications.
The main feature differentiating this system from other transmission technologies is the use of a satellite as a relay amplifier for producing a direct link between the "client" (the receiving antenna, also known as VSAT or microwave station) and a central system.

The operating principle is based on:

- A central site (the Hub) ,
- Multiple remote sites (VSATs).

The Hub is characterized by:

- A large antenna: 3.8 M minimum diameter
- Some equipment for Hub Management (Indoor equipment)
- The bandwidth (space segment), usually held by a large satellite operator.

From this link, and a more or less complex architecture, numerous services and applications can be implemented.
VSAT technology is now a real alternative, both financially and technologically.
The authorization delivered to KOLAGEN TELECOM West Africa allows the company to provide various data services to commercial telecommunications services one hand, and industrial and commercial enterprises on the other hand, according to market needs.
This system offers a multitude of benefits that include:

- Relatively inexpensive,
- High Performance Network,
- Flexibility and scalability,
- Permanent connection (Availability),
- Broadband,
- Custom Network,
- Internet applications, video, audio, video conferencing, data, Media (Contribution, Distribution).

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